Water Wheel of Earth

Title: Water: Wheel of Earth

Dimensions: 5’-0 x 9’-0 x 14’-0

Materials: Recycled Douglas Fir wood, metal (15% recycled), LED’s, fasteners, water dispenser, water, wine, agave stalk (wheels were hand made)

Year: 2010

This hand-cart was pulled through the streets of Tucson dispensing water for thirsty participants and onlookers during the 2010 All Souls Procession. A public utility, it proved to be predictably functional for the many parched participants and spectators. Upon arrival for the decompression/after party it was designed to become a wine bar to celebrate and contemplate lost souls from the previous four seasons. The illuminated agave was a beacon during the procession to the finale stage.


Seed money and accommodations provided by Tucson Puppet Works.

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