Solar Eclipse

Title: Solar Eclipse 

Dimensions: 0-54” x 23’-0 x 8’-0

Materials: recycled wood, steel, bronze, brass chau gong, plexiglass, vinyl, mallets, concrete, amplification electronics, 12 volt LED lights, deep cycle battery, candles, fasteners.

Year: 2009

OKC 2014 Lobby of the Hart Building on Film Row.

Seed money made possible by a Creative Projects Grant from OVAC and from a MMOS Grant.

Installation Art at the grand finale of the All Souls Procession in Tucson commemorating its 20th anniversary. A total solar eclipse lasts approximately six and a half minutes. The Chau Gong reverberates for total of four minutes, at which point the immediate termination of ringing becomes undetectable; the time between the end of sound and the beginning of silence becomes indistinguishable. This period is the void; consciousness transcending the boundaries of time. In essence the work is a tool to assist meditation practice.

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