Flaming Lotus Girls

Title: Tympani

Dimensions: 35’ x 40’ x 75’

Materials: metal, liquid methanol, propane, motors, various electronics, LED's, gas plumbing.

Year: 2011

Price: $120,000 Materials budget (not including labor) made possible through various grants and artists. Available for temporary display: $100,000.


Tympani is a macro-scale representational work of human middle and inner ear anatomy just beyond the tympanic membrane. The semicircular canals are known to detect horizontal head movements while the superior and posterior canals detect vertical head movements. One of several dynamics included forced air fire as a representation of sound vibrations transmitting signals.


I reinvested a fellowship award into an industrial art commission to advance my qualifications for permanent public art. The commission was built in San Francisco for a site-specific event (Burning Man) weighing in at 23,000 pounds. My role was lead fabricator for accurately calculating the rotating truss components into its final composition for structural integrity.

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