Looking Glass Prairie

Title: Looking Glass Prairie 

Dimensions: 7-0” x 7-6” x 10’-1”

Materials: recycled wood (old growth Douglas fir rescued from demolition); recycled discarded steel, copper, reused tire tread, scrap awning cloth, reused antique gas lanterns, rail station cart wheels, bell, and analog weather gauges; acrylic paint and spar varnish, adhesives, twelve volt LED lighting, battery, copper wiring and transformer. Labor intensive materials extraction, metal extraction, all from various waste sources.

Year: 2010

Purchased by Midtown Renaissance of Oklahoma City.


A monument to the last vestiges of the Santa Fe Trail still visible in remote areas of New Mexico and Kansas, a region once known as No-Mans Land. Remarkably, the trail never became a paved road or eventual interstate highway. The entire piece is made from recycled materials. Part of the work reveals scuffs and nail holes from its previous life, the rest of which is now in a landfill. The chair is a sanctuary with a sleeping platform on the first level that doubles as a picnic table. With patience, binoculars or camera, the chair becomes a lookout tower for antelope, raptors, coyotes and the biggest show of all, nightfall. Midtown Renaissance released it into the Public Art realm for anyone to enjoy.

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