Into Her Dreaming

Title: Samhain: Into Her Dreaming

Dimensions: Overall installation 60’-0” x 8’-0” x 15’-0”

Medium: Reclaimed wood, metal, rope, piano wire, linen, LED lights, 12volt deep cycle battery, audio components, bronze.

Year: 2007


Location: Burning Man, Nevada. Influences for this work includes my Celtic heritage, Native American scaffold internments, and my travels through East Asia. The construction of the upper centerpiece is held together entirely by wood without the use of metal fasteners. Dynamically the work functions as a musical instrument. The perimeter is tensioned with 24 strings radiating from the middle reverberation chamber and is harmonized with friction. The work honors the seed and the harvest and all life cycles.


Installation was made possible by a Grant from Black Rock City LLC for Burning Man.

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