2D works

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Title: Form and Function 

Dimensions: Various dimensions, standard product height dimensions.

Materials: reclaimed/recycled wood, fasteners, acrylic, glass.

Year: 2008


This functional art is a result of my experience living in the American southwest. The designs of the chair backs are abstractions of such vegetation, an arid region of unique plants that are by necessity, rugged and dangerous, which makes for some very pronounced forms.

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Title: Cilantro

Dimensions: 4' x 8' x .5"

Homage to the unique tasting flavor that cilantro provides in meals. The perimeter of the sun beam transitions into it's leaves.

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Title: Smog Alert

Image 5

Title: Tribute to the Bauhaus Movement

Image 6

Title: Barefoot Summer Escape1972, Oklahoma.

Dimensions: 18” x 12”

Year: 2012

Materials: Multi-media: pen-ink drawing, sweet gum seed pods, cicada, bird feather, acrylic.


Donated art work for OVAC fundraiser, purchased. As a child growing up in Oklahoma I spent my hot summers barefoot and high up in neighborhood trees surrounded by cicada’s and birds.

Image 7

Title: The Road West. Mural proposal for a parking garage in West Village, OKC.

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Samples from never-ending sketchbooks...

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