Automobile Alley OKC

Public Art designs for alley doors in OKC


1.  Title: The Road West

Single Door Description:  In the tradition of Mural Art, this content driven composite is specifically about Oklahoma. Historically Oklahoma known as The Territory, a new Frontier where the great open plains reveals a vast horizon as folks drive West. European explorers called the high plains The Great American Desert before they experienced the desert basins further west. Oklahoma is a crossroads. The compression of climate rainfall makes the biodiversity dynamic in a short distance. The illustration reveals my take of Oklahoma.


2.  Title`: Ignite

Single Door Description:  The content revolves around motor cylinders, the letter “O” the spark that made Oklahoma the 46th state, and the first state flag.


3.  Title: Resurgence

Double Door Description:  The content depicts the old and the new in Oklahoma. OKC is depicted in it’s first art deco rise, surrounded by agriculture and renewable energy.

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